Global Engagement Center

The GEC prepares students to become not only global thinkers but also global citizens, accustomed to the multifaceted interconnections that form our world.

In developing global competencies, students are equipped to analyze global and intercultural issues critically from multiple perspectives, to understand how differences affect perceptions, judgments, values, and ideas of self and others, and to engage in appropriate, and effective interactions with others from diverse backgrounds on the basis of a shared sense of social responsibility and respect for human dignity.

We are committed in global ethics that emerges in the context of developing definitions of citizenship and interdependence -- that equip students to 1) become informed, open-minded, and responsible people who are attentive to diversity across the spectrum of differences, 2) seek to understand how their actions affect both local and global communities, and 3) address the world's most enduring issues collaboratively and equitably.

The Global Engagement Center is committed to offering not only the community, academia’s but also student’s quality off-campus programs, including short-term and long-term semesters abroad, global cooperation in research as well as internships in various international cities. These students become part of a program that is transformative not only for them, but for everyone they meet.